Double Feature: Public Access to the Cosmos / Panacea


poster for Double Feature: Public Access to the Cosmos / Panacea Public Access to the Cosmos - Psychonaut, Dr. Garry Mullinex has created a psychic energy oscillator that traps psychic particles and saves them into a physical form. He has isolated the life and times of a man named Charles David Wachowski.

Panacea - It's been a year since the events of Public Access to the Cosmos and our hero Chuck has embraced the darkside of the psychic oscillator that he found at 93 Greene. 93 Greene is a psychic prison that has latched itself onto Chuck, dropping him into the deepest depth of an evil Pole known as The Keys to the Kingdom. While here Chuck has begun to practice Goetia - communing with demonic entities, the Party Club. With the help of the Party Club Chuck creates a public access TV series titled The Abattoirs, for kids!

Charlie Mullinex, an eleven year old girl and best friend of Chuck's, starts to receive creepy videos sent to her cell phone. Now the adventure begins. The evil Party Club are on the march transmitting negative elements through the video waves of The Abattoirs, for kids! The Logos have been alerted to the spreading evil and it's now time to take a stand!

RUN TIME: 175 min