Double Feature: Wrong Reasons & Hollywood Babble-On


poster for Double Feature: Wrong Reasons & Hollywood Babble-On Ralph Garman Double Feature! See Wrong Reasons and Hollywood Babble-On with Ralph and Kevin recorded live at SModcastle Cinemas!

Each ticket comes with a BluRay of the movie!

Wrong Reasons: When an ambiguously Intentioned masked man kidnaps a drug addicted punk singer, it triggers a police investigation as well as a media circus.

Hollywood Babble-On: with hosts Ralph Garman and Kevin Smith - recorded live

Warning: Every Smodcastle show at which Kevin appears runs very, very long. The night usually starts 15 to 30 minutes late, then kicks off with a fundraising auction to support the theater (which includes rare one-of-a-kind props, mementos and signed items). Post-auction, there's an intro to begin the main program, followed by a Q&A/Group Discussion after the movie ends. We suggest you plan your night accordingly.

Approximate run of show: 4-5 hours

RUN TIME: 240 min