NYC Musical Marathon: Musical Comedy Bard Series


poster for NYC Musical Marathon: Musical Comedy Bard Series The NYC Musical Marathon is bringing its Musical Comedy Bard Series to SModCastle Cinemas, Friday June 2 at 7:30 pm. Jack Dallas will perform Jen - X a 95 minute musical comedy farce. Audience participation with local help from theater nerds is anticipated. Laughs allowed with compelling music. A genuine villain poses problems.

The NYC Marathon was held over last year when it ran on TheatreRow 42nd St NYC last year. During the residence all of the Jack Dallas Repertoire was performed radio style.

The Musical Comedy Bard Series is: 1. Jen – X;
2. Humor, Babes, Wisdom, Brevity;
3. Jessica Smiles, & Factor Tats;
4. Learn! (work in progress).

All comedies feature 2 bantering Bards similar to Clerks of Jay and Silent Bob world without potty mouths.

CAST: Jack Dallas

RUN TIME: 95 min