Smodcastle Film Festival - Block 07

poster for Smodcastle Film Festival - Block 07 ALL MONSTERS ARE BRITISH (14:29)

The film, titled All Monsters Are British, blends colorful comedic dialogue with dark fantasy-inspired visuals. Following the protagonist, Elaina, this narrative short film centers on her suddenly empty life following a breakup. Alone for the first time in her one bedroom apartment, Elaina finds herself being counseled by the monster under her bed. The plot explores the idea that sometimes the most unlikely friendships (a woman and a monster) are better connections than the ostensibly more realistic relationships (a woman and the man she thought she loved) that we cling to despite their toxicity.


A tinder date becomes a guessing game when Bethany decides to meet up with Terrence for the first time. But what she doesn't know might kill her...


On the surface Daniel is a contentedly married, father of two, and assistant bank manager in a small Texas town.

Behind literal closed doors, however, he deals with the stresses and boredom of his average life by indulging in delusions of vigilante justice. Employing mediocre workouts and harmful diets, he believes he’s a hero as he enacts revenge on those who’ve crossed him, by way of petty vandalism.

But his actions have new consequences when he is caught “dealing out justice” to the property of a desperate and corrupt government agent who will extort Daniel for all he’s worth.

WIRELESS (15:00)

James, an aging baby-boomer, arrives just after closing at a local cell phone store seeking help with a smartphone. Derek, an empathetic employee, takes what he knows best and tries to create a connection across generations, helping James find the courage and strength to say goodbye.

HOLLYWOOD PRIEST: The Story of Fr. “Bud” Kieser (1:05:00)

He started off as a minister. He ended up as a mogul.

RUN TIME: 120 min