xSmodcastle Film Festival - Block 13

poster for xSmodcastle Film Festival - Block 13 LENNY (12:40)

When Lenny, a middle aged actor struggling with an eating disorder, experiences a harrowing personal experience, he must contend with his problem in a very visceral way.

VESTIGE (8:27)

Sam must face his actions and find out the true cost of redemption.

APARTMENT 38 (20:31)

Alphonso J. Tomaino shares his amazing life story within the walls of Apartment 38.


Divorce is a tricky thing! No one knows that better than Reena and Jay who have a prenup that states they have to spend 1 hour in a room together before they can finalize their divorce. Can they survive long enough in a room together to make it happen??

SPLINTER (55:00)

While renovating his recently inherited home, Scott Wills steps on a small splinter. The wound only grows worse as Scott learns the history of the town, it’s people and a terrible family legacy.

RUN TIME: 120 min