Smodcastle Film Festival - Block 47

poster for Smodcastle Film Festival - Block 47 VICTIM NO. 6 (21:38)

It's 1975 in New York City, which has been unaffectionately dubbed "Fear City" by the Council for Public Safety. Donna stands in front of a derelict newsstand, smoking a cigarette and reading the headline: "The City Slasher Trashes Another Victim. Who Will be Next?" Soon, she is joined by her friend Judy. They head to a local bar to enjoy a night out, but separate after Judy runs into someone she knows. Left on her own, Donna is approached by a handsome stranger. But should we trust everyone we meet in Fear City?


Beachfront bicycle rental shop owner, Howie, scrambles to beat out a competing rental shop opening the following day.

RUN TIME: 120 min