A Spiritual Afternoon with Renowned Medium & Author Gail Lionetti


poster for A Spiritual Afternoon with Renowned Medium & Author Gail Lionetti Presented by ANGELS AMONG US

Gail was aware at the age of 6 she had a gift with which she was able to see spirits and visions of what was to come. Using this gift, Gail has worked directly with law enforcement agencies, helping solve numerous cases involving, missing and exploited children. Gail's gift has expanded, and she is now able to communicate with animals. Come see Gail as she helps bring closure and healing to many in her audience---and experience you'll never forget.

Gail Lionetti is a spiritual medium with over 50 years of experience practicing the art of healing and receiving messages from the other side for individuals who attend her events. Those who receive messages report having a life–changing experience that renews their faith and brings them peace. Gail is a nationally acclaimed inspirational speaker, spiritual medium, she is the author of Survival on a Wing a Prayer, her memoir chronicling her near death experience and afterlife insights that define her life today. Her message is that heaven and eternal love are real and always close at hand.

RUN TIME: 180 min