Smodcastle Film Festival 2023 - Block 07

poster for Smodcastle Film Festival 2023 - Block 07 Foreign Planetary - On the brink of her last day on Earth before being forced to return to her planet of origin, a young woman must find a way to stay in her new home. As her options begin to run out, she grapples with the moral question of how far she is willing to go in order to achieve her goal.

Of all the Gin Joints - Of all the Gin Joints tells the story of Casablanca, a one of a kind Mexican restaurant themed after the classic film of the same name, and the three generations of Haro family men who created and managed it for the past forty years. As COVID-19 puts Casablanca and the Haro family’s very way of life in jeopardy, three generations must come together to face what might be their greatest challenge yet by putting aside old grievances and facing down an unknown future together.

RUN TIME: 120 min