Smodcastle Film Festival 2023 - Block 08

poster for Smodcastle Film Festival 2023 - Block 08 Sweet Juices - Genius cooks Shirong and Tony face eviction and incarceration; on a mission to clear their names, they leave a trail of saucy vomit, stolen bicycles, unhinged government officials, and squirting dumplings that deliver enlightenment. SWEET JUICES is set in a world where Chinese foossholes chasing them for fines, bills and rent. They're given one opportunity to start a new life when tensions between the couple reach breaking point. Tony starts cooking fusion dumplings, undermining Shirong's status as the authentic dumpling master. Boiling with hatred and armed with their own unique flavours, the couple goes to war, but the power of delicious food transcends even love itself.

Ronald's Little Factory - A 19-year-old Mormon boy handcuffs his hands to his bedpost to keep himself from "self-loving" himself...but then becomes stuck.

RUN TIME: 120 min