Smodcastle Film Festival 2023 - Block 13

poster for Smodcastle Film Festival 2023 - Block 13 Blue Square - After discovering the lucrative business of contemporary fine art, Tim sets off on a get-rich-quick scheme to create the most simple, most valuable piece of art he can. But his desire to create may lead him down a dark path as he is consumed by the artistic process.

Santa Force - Santa Force: We See You When You're Sleeping, We Know When You're Awake.

Sunday Service - In the Summer of 2006, after inviting her boyfriend to “come over” while her dad is out of town, Catholic-Raised Willa prepares to “do it” with the help of her equally inexperienced bff Riley.

Ecstasy - A comedy-drama about a disabled father, with Parkinson's disease, and his son’s crazy attempt to buy drugs so the Dad can dance with his wife at her birthday party, one last time. What could possibly go wrong? Inspired by the real life revelation that ecstasy can temporarily alleviate the symptoms of Parkinson's Disease.

Dinner Talk - Paganos, is a small family-owned restaurant specializing in Northern Italian cuisine. The trials and tribulations of the main characters will revolve around the restaurant. Some are patrons, others work there. We will get to know the owner. Each episode will revolve around the central theme of one particular dish. A man murders his wife in cold blood, a woman carries on an affair with a married man, a husband struggles with his wife’s mental illness, a licensed psychologist can’t even help himself, a restaurant owner conceals many secrets, a woman discovers her sexuality after being married for 15 years. The restaurant serves as the epicenter for intertwined lost souls looking for redemption, yearning for forgiveness - and a good meal.

RUN TIME: 120 min