Smodcastle Film Festival 2023 - Block 17

poster for Smodcastle Film Festival 2023 - Block 17 Loved - A Crazed Plumber Risks Both His Career And Prison When He Finds His Wife In Bed With Another Man. As He Drives Furiously Around The Californian Desert In His Camper, He Screams At A Framed Picture Of His Wife Placed On The Passenger’s Seat And Proclaims That What He Did Was To Protect Her And Honor Their Wedding Vows. He Insists That It Is His Moral Obligation To Protect Her From Further Temptations And The Devil. In The Name Of The Church And Its Values He Thinks He's Protecting His Wife. He Would Give Up His Life To Protect Her’s. To Protect Their Daughter. To Protect Their Family, He Would Stop At Nothing.

Blackout - Grace lives on a council estate with her mentally ill mother Cathy. Unable to manage her mother’s illness any longer, Grace takes matters into her own hands and begins to reassess whether the decision she makes really was the best way to help her mum. Set over one night and one day, Blackout is a 10-minute coming of age drama. A story of love, trust and growing up the hard way. Blackout was chosen as part of Film London's 2017 "London Calling" slate, with Eastern Edge Film Fund.

Everythingeater - A morbidly obese woman struggles to gain dominance over her abusive and manipulative husband who will do anything to stay in control.

Live Wire - A being made of sentient electrical wire must protect itself from the wrath of a monster pursuing it.

Hit Man: Secrets Of Lies - A reflective hitman from New York City travels to a small town where he is confronted with an artifact from his past that forces him to re-examine his profession and his personal history. Based on the best selling "Hit Man" book series by Grand Master of mystery Lawrence Block. Starring Richard Kind, Karen Allen, William Sadler, and Peter Riegert.

Pollo Loco - When a young, power-hungry drug dealer discovers the love of his life has been unfaithful with a member of his crew, he and his right-hand man seek revenge.

RUN TIME: 120 min