Smodcastle Film Festival 2023 - Block 20

poster for Smodcastle Film Festival 2023 - Block 20 The Legend - A young woman gets more than she bargained for when she tries to save an endangered species from a hunter's barn.

The Out - Two friends discuss what should happen next after one of them has an unforgettable night out with a woman

The Tooth - A woman grapples with the traumatic childhood memory of losing one of her baby teeth.

21st Century Courtship - Kay, a newly single pansexual woman navigates the modern dating scene, the lingering drama of her ex & the love that got away. Through a nostalgic 1980s inspired lens, "21st Century Courtship" follows Kay as she faces a more complicated raw look at dating, relationships, and living single with no guidance while caught up in her own nostalgia of better times.

VRDLK: Family of Vurdulak - VRDLK: (pronounced Vor-Du-Lac) centers around a traveling diplomat that is caught in a snowstorm and forced to take shelter with a poor Serbian family. When the family warns him of “beasts” that hunt in the night, he is quick to dismiss their fears as superstition and fairy tales - a mistake he may not have a chance to make twice. Based on acclaimed writer, Aleksey Tolstoy's 1839 gothic novella, "The Family of The Vourdulak"

BLUE FiRE - Deep in the snowy Blue Mountains, two damaged lives come crashing back together when they discover something in the forest not of this world.

RUN TIME: 120 min