Smodcastle Film Festival 2023 - Block 24

poster for Smodcastle Film Festival 2023 - Block 24 The Pinch Hitter - A young couple wants to have a baby, but the husband has a low sperm count. They ask his idiot brother to be the sperm donor.

Sucks To Be The Moon - Jealous of the Sun’s stardom, the Moon journeys into space, searching for a planet that actually cares about him. Will he find his place in the universe, or is he destined to be a lonely loser forever?

The Co-Op - A robber's plan quickly goes awry when the store he has marked turns out to be full of disabled people.

The World Takes - The power is out, the heat is off, and the family car is on the back of a tow truck when Joop, at 11 years old, discovers the cost of living.

Baba Yaga - Baba Yaga is based on a Slavic folklore of an old witch, Baba Yaga, who boils and eats her children in her house that walks around on its own two chicken legs. We get to see Baba Yaga as she experiences the daily challenges of trying to conduct her witchy business in a house that has a mind of its own.

I Know What You Need - Based on Stephen King's story from the 1978 Night Shift collection - I Know What You Need is an after school special that dissolves into terror in this faithful adaptation of King's tale, filmed on location at the University of Maine, where the story takes place. It's 1976, and popular college co-ed Elizabeth meets an unusual boy, Edward, who knows what she needs. But who is Edward really, and what secrets is he hiding? It's a love story, but a Stephen King love story, so things aren't always what they seem. Elizabeth doesn't know what she wants, but Edward knows what she needs.

RUN TIME: 120 min